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  At special weekends so we have troubadours who come here and play everything from Irish to creedence, ballroom bands etc.

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The Restaurant

On Sikhalls Camping, we have a fully licensed restaurant serving good food or just a refreshing beer. The restaurant started as fast-food restaurant with hamburgers, hot dogs and French fries. Now we have expanded the menu with meat and fish dishes and an a la carté menu.


À la carté


Porkfillet w. béarnaisesauce


Schnitzel w. béarnaisesauce


Salmon w. roesauce


Fried Chicken w. BBQ-sauce


Minute Steak w. pommes frittes and parsleybutter




Sikhalls Hamburger

(Lettuce, Dressing, Oinion)


(Cheese, Lettuce, Dressing, Onion)
Raggarburger (2x 150g Burger, Lots of Cheese, Dressing, Lettuce, Tomatoe, Onion)
Ottoburger (Fried porkfillet w. fried Onion and Tomatoes)
Chickenburger (Fried Chicken, Creamy Dressing, Lettuce, Tomatoe)
Baconburger (Bacon, BBQ-Dressing, Tomatoe, Lettuce, Onion)
Dalslandsburger (Fried eggs, Bacon, Lettuce, Tomatoe, Onion)


À la carte Pris
Salmon w. roesauce 109:-
Chicken w. BBQ-sauce 109:-
Porkfillet w. béarnaisesauce 129:-
Schnitzel w. béarnaisesauce 109:-
Enklare rätter  
Hamburger w (lettuce,dressing,onion)- 90g 45:-
- 150g
- 200g 65:-
Hamburger plate (inkl. french fries) - 90 g 65:-
- 150 g 75:-
- 200 g
Meat balls w mashed potatoes and lingonberry preserve . - Child's portion 45:-
- Adult portion 60:-

Shrimp sandwich

Chickensalad w. Rhode Island or Curry 75:-

Sikhalls Camping & Restaurang 464 65 Brålanda - Tele: 0521-37244 - Mail: info@sikhallscamping.se